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Reality Lovers
- Help page redesign

Reality Lovers is an adult website where you can subscribe and purchase adult VR movies.


Virtual Reality was a new technology in 2017, and it rapidly evolved, resulting in numerous VR devices being available on the market.

Almost all of them functioned differently, requiring unique configurations and knowledge of how to use them correctly on the website.


As a result, Reality Lovers had to redesign their existing Help Page to prevent losing frustrated users before they could even begin using the website.


The previous Help page didn’t have:

  • Introduction or any title on the page, so you didn’t know where you are

  • Didn’t have an FAQ section (Frequently asked questions)

  • They didn’t show all the compatible devices and solutions

  • Didn’t have pictures on the site to recognize devices immediately

  • Didn’t promote the streaming option




  • 1 UX/UI Designer

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 Back-end Developer

  • 1 Front-end Developer

I have come up with three wireframes that solve all of these problems, but two of them caused another issue.



1. version

The first idea was to introduce the page and explain how it can help the user.

Before accessing any information, users would have the option to click the FAQ button, which would enable them to easily find answers to their problems.


Additionally, among all the available devices and solutions for watching videos, I aimed to emphasize the Browser option. This is because if your device supports it, you won't need to download any additional applications and can conveniently stream directly from the website.


You had to scroll down to be able to see the devices.


2. version

In the second version, the devices were positioned in the middle, arranged in two rows instead of one.


Below them, the FAQ section was expanded.


Upon clicking on a specific device, the other devices would disappear, and the selected device would expand, providing more detailed information.


Every time you wanted to view the other devices, you would need to click once more to go back and make another selection.

3. version

In the third wireframe, the devices were designed to be visible on any screen size, ensuring a consistent user experience.


Additionally, the Browser option was highlighted in the introduction part to emphasize its convenience.


After evaluating all the wireframes, we concluded that the last wireframe was the best solution, so we decided to proceed with it.


The Reality Lovers website was already undergoing a redesign process, which allowed me to not only modify the page's structure and design pattern but also provide a fresh UI design. The new design aimed to enhance the VR experience and emphasize the Center Stage of the page, which focused on the various options available for watching Reality Lovers videos.




I worked closely with my team members, engaging in thorough discussions at each step of the process. The design we collectively created has significantly improved the user experience, allowing users to find the information they need more quickly and easily. By promoting the streaming option, the website has the potential to attract new users who may not have VR devices but still desire to watch VR adult videos.



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