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MediCall app

MediCall is a mobile application that helps people connect with doctors whenever they are in need.


It has six great features, available to registered clients, including Home Visit Service, Calling a Doctor, Blog, Pharmacy Search, Insurance, and Scheduling Appointments.


For doctors using the app, there are four features: Settings for the Home Visit Service and Client Calling, a Blog, and a Calendar for scheduled appointments.


The application had a version in the market for a year and had already received feedback from clients and doctors on how to improve the app. The visual design was very basic and only had two features: calling a doctor and the home visit service. When we sat down together for the first time, the stakeholders already had a vision for how they wanted to move forward with the app.




  • 1 UX/UI Designer

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 Stakeholder

  • 1 Developer


The previous version


The company had already gathered some insights and data on certain features, so we talked about these: how to improve the app and which direction we should go to achieve their goals. They were eager to begin with the UI design and development and I was pleased that we were able to find a middle ground.




  • Discuss the feedback and collected data and evaluate them critically.

  • Review the brief and make necessary changes based on UX principles and decisions.

  • Examine each feature in detail.

  • Create high-fidelity UI designs.

  • Develop a working, animated Hi-Fi prototype comprising 200+ mobile screens.


I quickly realized that we had missed a significant opportunity by not conducting tests and interviews with the company's daily contacts: clients and doctors. As a result, I had to make UX decisions based on hearsay and general data I could find through online research. It later became apparent that if we had tested the new functions with low-fi mockups at the outset, we could have built an application that better served people's needs sooner.



Within 7 months, we completed the application's client and doctor versions. We made several changes to the brief and made additional changes along the way, but all of them improved the user experience and made using the app more effective.

The scheduling system was a success, hospitals and healthcare facilities started to use it so our users could book their appointments easily.

We gained 34% more registered users and doubled the number of registered doctors with pharmacists.




Despite the challenges, I loved working on this project. I collaborated closely with the developer (which I always enjoy and advocate for), and our "round table" meetings with the project manager and stakeholders were consistently productive, allowing us to find solutions that benefited everyone involved.


I realized that I can handle big projects like this, and I am capable of creating a large, animated, hi-fi prototype that I can be proud of - even if there are things I would do differently now. If I didn't have to go into labor (giving birth to my first son) the next day, I would probably continue to work on testing this app.



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